uses for double sided tape in construction applications

Uses for Double-Sided Tape in Construction

Uses for double sided tape in construction applications

Double-sided tape is quite a handy invention, especially when it’s odorless, non-toxic, and boasts the incredible aggressive bonding properties that Base King’s TurboSTIX™ does. Created for use in commercial flooring applications, we’re here to tell you this high-quality adhesive product is well-suited for many tasks outside of flooring. From craft projects, to sewing, to home repairs, TurboSTIX™ will fit the bill. Here are some creative ways to use our double-sided tape in construction applications.

Temporarily Mount Something

Use TurboSTIX™ double-sided tape to mount things on the job site temporarily to make installation simpler. Think crown molding, baseboards, thermostats, light switch junction boxes, electrical panels, and more. Attach things temporarily before fastening permanently, so you know you’ve got it right.

For Crawl Space Vapor Barriers

Installing a vapor barrier in the crawl spaces of homes is a smart idea regardless of detectable moisture issues. Use TurboSTIX™ to attach vapor barrier materials to cement walls in crawl spaces, and to overlap barrier seams. This serves as a great alternative to using screws, and the moisture-mitigating properties of the adhesive allow it to perform well in applications such as this.

Attach Insulation to Walls

Easily secure insulation in building projects with double-sided tape like TurboSTIX™. The adhesive will ensure your insulation stays put, and makes the task simple and easy to complete.

Installation of Sound Attenuation Materials

Another great use for double-sided tape in construction is the installation of sound attenuation materials under flooring products. Use TurboSTIX™ for any flooring underlayment installations as well.

To Protect Flooring During Construction Projects

It’s a great idea to cover floors, walkways, and high-traffic areas to protect flooring materials during construction projects. This is another great opportunity to use double-sided tape or TurboSTIX™. Our aggressive adhesive system will ensure your floor coverings stay put until construction is complete, so your carpets and floors stay protected from scuffs, dirt, and debris the entire time.

Learn more about TurboSTIX™, the adhesive tape for any flooring project, or other construction applications! It is perfect for repairs, temporary and permanent installations, and lightweight to heavy-duty applications across the board.