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  • Roll on PH neutralizing primer.
  • Easy peel-and-bond adhesive installation.
  • Same day immediate access installations.
  • Cost effective alternative vs. moisture mitigation.
  • Machine applied adhesive with uniform coverage.
  • High relative humidity protection with aggressive moisture resistant adhesive & moisture barrier primer. Performs up to 100% RH.

ES-100 is our newest peel and bond EnviroSTIX™ system. It was created for the most challenging projects facing high relative humidity. ES-100 includes the pre-cured EnviroSTIX™ Adhesive combined with the quick-curing ES-MBP (EnviroSTIX™ Moisture Barrier Primer).


This system works with most major commercial flooring manufacture’s product lines. EnviroSTIX™ adhesive can be applied to carpet tiles, rubber tiles, VCT, LVT, sheet goods, and much more. (See your sales associate with questions about specific flooring options.)


  • Two cross rolled EVEN THIN COATS.
  • Advanced solvent free, water free, VOC free, one-part polyurethane resin moisture barrier primer.
  • Used to pre-treat the floors prior to the installation of EnviroSTIX™ on porous and non-porous substrates. Also used as a moisture barrier that seals the substrate, blocking excessive residual moisture.
  • Alkali resistant primer that neutralizes the PH of the substrates surface, binds residual dust while improving bonding properties.
  • Fast cure time/ Same day installation: 40-60 minutes per coat. (Dry time will vary based on the job site conditions. Porosity and humidity will play a major role in dry time.)
  • Shelf Life: 30 days opened container or 1-year unopened container from the factory date, stored at 70° F / 21° C not below 40° F / +5° C.
  • Sold in 2.5-gallon units. (1,500 sf per 2.5-gallon unit or 600 sf per gallon. Spread rate varies per job site.)


These kits contain tools required for the proper installation of the ES-MBP. The ES-MBP-AK includes: (1) 3/8” napped adhesive foam roller, (1) 5-gallon bucket, (1) bucket grid, (1) spray bottle (a painter’s tray and disposable tray liners can be used in place of the bucket and grid). Always use clean & dry tools when installing ES-MBP. These tools can be purchased at your local hardware store or directly from us as a kit for your convenience.


EnviroSTIX™ is a pre-cured, moisture resistant, virtually VOC free, poly-acrylic adhesive. It is machine applied directly to the back of commercial grade flooring materials with a patented process at the Base King facility in Dalton, GA. When the materials arrive to the job site, they can quickly be installed (after acclimation) with an easy peel-and-bond application. EnviroSTIX™ can be installed over existing flooring for ease of remodeling, when existing material is in good condition.

“ENVIROSTIXADHESIVE SYSTEMS are some of the most cost effective, high performance flooring products available on the market.”


EnviroSTIX™ is a proven, successful product with millions of square feet installed on projects throughout the US & Canada every year. Please see our website for a short list of projects. EnviroSTIX™ is mostly used in the commercial flooring industry on healthcare, education, government, & retail projects.


EnviroSTIX™ has a 10-year limited warranty on properly installed projects


See Figure 1.

4. Flooring Materials

3. EnviroStix™ Adhesive (Acrylic Dispersion with Integrated polyester scrim)

2. ES-MBP (EnviroStix™ Moisture Barrier Primer)

1. Substrate

Figure 1. Application layers


Installation 1,2,3

PropertiesES-MBP (EnviroSTIX™ MB Primer)EnviroSTIX™ Adhesive
BaseSolvent-Free, Polyurethane ResinSolvent-Free, Acrylic Dispersion
ColorBlue Translucent CoatClear
Cure Time40-60 Minutes per CoatPre-cured Immediate Access
Install Temp Range60° to 75° F (Flooring Manufacturer’s
recommendations supersede ES-100
45° to 90° F (Flooring Manufacturer’s
recommendations supersede ES-100
VOC Content0 g/l (Out of 50 g/l Allowable)0 g/l (Out of 50 g/l Allowable)
Water SolubilityHydrolyzedNegligible
Surface PH RangeNeutralizes the PH.7-14 PH — No limit when used in
combination with the ES-MBP.
Sheet Goods & Modular
Attic Stock Shelf Life
1 Year Unopened Container
at 70° F or 21° C.
30 Days Opened Container
at 70º F or 21º C.
10-Year Limited Warranty
(Flooring Manufacturer’s
recommendations on storage,
temperature, and shelf life supersede
ES-100 recommendations.)
Coverage2.5 Gallon Unit: 1,500 sf
1 Gallon: 400 sf
(Spread rate will vary due to
job site conditions.)
Full even uniform spread on the
backing of the flooring material.
Warranty10-Year Limited10-Year Limited10-Year Limited

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