A Revolution in Commercial Flooring Adhesive

Base King® provides pre-applied flooring adhesive and innovative double-sided tape for flooring and interior trim materials. The technology in our products and ease of application ensures your next medical office, warehouse, hospital, or restaurant is completed efficiently and on schedule.

About Us

Base King®, LLC was a vision made into reality by Dennis and Ann Schlisner. Base King®, LLC was founded in 2001 in Kennewick, Washington and was moved to Dalton, GA in 2003. Base King® was originally formed to manufacture carpet wall base with patented BindNSTIX® twin-track application system. This was the first peel and stick product of its kind on the market.

With this new technology in hand, Dennis and his team began to experiment with the direct application of the adhesive to the back of commercial flooring materials in the warehouse. TurboSTIX™ and EnviroSTIX™ Adhesive Systems were soon developed. We were excited to share our innovative patented adhesive solutions with the industry. We are constantly researching and developing new innovative products to add to our product line.

Our Mission

  • Supply adhesive and primers with low to no odors.
  • Give excellent customer service, being a customer focused manufacturer.
  • Develop systems to be installed over substrates that require innovative solutions.
  • Give architects, contractors, and installers high-performance products, where others would fail.
  • Supply adhesives and primers that offer quick, easy, and quality installations for flooring.


Through the EnviroSTIX™ , TurboSTIX™ , BindNSTIX® and FasFIX® brands, we offer highly innovative solutions to help you complete your carpet, VCT, vinyl, tiles, or wood flooring project in a timely manner at your commercial property.

  • EnviroSTIX Classic System & ES-100 System (includes the EnviroSTIX™ Pre-Applied Commercial Flooring Adhesive and a primer: EnviroSTIX™ Primer (ES-P) or EnviroSTIX™ Moisture Barrier Primer (ES-MBP))
  • BindNSTIX® Carpet Base
  • TurboSTIX™ Adhesive Tape
  • TurboSTIX™ Plus Adhesive Tape
  • FasFIX® Flooring Adhesive