ES-2-GO™ System


ES-2-GO™ System Description:

This system is used for the application of our ES-2-GO™ Adhesive rolls via the ES-2-GO™ Machine.

  • Pre-apply in your warehouse or on your installation site
  • No dry-time adhesive: pre-cured, allowing for immediate access job sites
  • No odors: (VOC 0g/l out of 50 allowable g/l)
  • Peel and bond installations with no messy adhesive buckets
  • Multi-material use: laminating adhesive to flooring and other trim
  • Use for applying adhesive to carpet tiles, resilient flooring, carpet base, rubber base, etc.

For a system warranty you must use the following Base King products

ES-2-GO™ Machine:

The Mobile Adhesive Applicator/laminator is used to apply adhesive to a wide variety of carpet tiles & modular resilient flooring.

Use for materials up to 24” standard width.

ES-2-GO™ rolls:

ES-2-GO™ rolls are pre-cured, double-sided adhesive tape rolls designed for fast onsite or pre-application in your warehouse via the ES-2-GO™ Machine. ES-2-GO™ Rolls are custom cut to match your material widths. All ES-2-GO™ Rolls are 100’ standard length.

One of the Base King Primers either ES-P or ES-MBP:

ES-P: For use on projects under 99.0% RH

ES-MBP: For use on projects up to 100% RH


• One-time purchase
• 24-month lease purchase
Both options include our Licensing Agreement


5-year limited warranty with correctly registered projects when
materials purchased through Base King, LLC.