Base King offers flooring adhesive products for seamless installation and incredible performance.

How to Choose the Best Flooring Adhesive for Your Project

Choosing the right flooring adhesive for your project requires you consider several factors.Choosing the right flooring adhesive for your specific application can be tricky. There are several factors to consider when making this selection to ensure the success of your project. Some multipurpose flooring adhesive solutions can be used effectively with different types of flooring materials, but even so it’s important to consider the following things when making your choice for flooring adhesive.

Location of Installation

When it comes to choosing the right flooring adhesive for your project, location is a critical factor that will impact your decision. For instance, interior flooring installations generally won’t be subject to the same amount of weathering or potential water damage as would exterior applications. Climate also plays a role, as certain adhesives are designed to better handle warm and humid environments, while other types can withstand the stress of rain, snow, sun, or extreme temperatures.

Substrate Situation

You’ll also want to be sure you take into account the type of substrate you’ll be installing over with finishing flooring. Certain types of adhesive bond better with certain types of substrate materials, so you’ll want to factor this in to ensure success. For example, damp below-grade concrete requires a different type of bonding material than flooring being installed over dry above-grade concrete. Also, some adhesives can be used over plywood, and others are specifically formulated for use over hardwood. Know your environment and substrate set up before you choose an adhesive.

Cure Time

Another thing to factor in is how quickly (or slowly) the adhesive will dry or cure. That will determine how much time you have to install the flooring materials. Furthermore, if you choose an adhesive that requires mixing, the cure time will influence how much you should prepare at each stage of the installation process. Dry time also comes into play in regard to when you can walk on the flooring without concern of the materials slipping or moving.

Clean-Up Factor

Truthfully, some flooring adhesive types can be incredibly difficult to clean up and remove from different surfaces. That’s another reason to do your homework, and think about what the clean up process will look like after your beautiful new flooring job is complete. Water-based glues are usually much easier to clean up than their solvent-based counterparts, but that said, water-based adhesives can be more susceptible to moisture damage. These are all things to consider when selecting your flooring adhesive.

Base King offers flooring adhesive products for seamless installation and incredible performance.Think Outside the Bucket

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