Hybrid Synthetic Rubber Floors

General Information

Experience a revolution in resilient flooring. Designed for high performance and durability EnviroHEALTH™ is the first 100% PVC-Free Resilient Floor to be completely manufactured in the United States of America. This hybrid flooring product eliminates 100% of the hazardous chemicals created by the manufacturing of vinyl flooring products.

As a welded sheet good, EnviroHEALTH™ is an aesthetically pleasing designer floor that also provides extreme durability for long term use in high traffic/high demand areas.

Product Specifications

Description 100% PVC Free Sheet, Tile & Plank
MaterialHybrid Synthetic Rubber
SizesSheet 5'0"
Thickness2.032mm (0.080")
Critical Radiant Flux (ASTM E 648) Class I rating
Smoke Density (ASTM E 662) Less than 450
Dimensional Stability (ASTM F 2199) Pass
Static Load Limit (ASTM F970)Pass
Chemical Resistance (CNS 8907) Pass
Light Resistance (CNS 8907) Pass
Manufacturer’s Warranty10 Year Limited